The Sultan-Ul-Uloom Education Society took a momentous decision to impart quality education to those sections of society which have been educationally deprived for generations, the citizens of the old city of Hyderabad. The Sultan-Ul-Uloom public school, Hussaini Alam was started in 2005. This School has completed fifteen years in giving value-based quality education for the children of this locality.

We believe “Every child is capable of burning bright with rich potential. The brilliance and talent within will stay buried inside unless it gets the right opportunity to rise up”.We truly believe that education is the opportunity. We shape and mould students to be the best they can be. We encourage students to explore the world on their own besides learning from Text books. This helps sharpen their skills and put them on the right path to being an achiever.

Our aim to provide a stimulating and spirited environment in which all children are encouraged to reach their full potential and create a nurturing community in which students, teachers and parents respect and support each other in a safe ambience. We believe that a proper educational focus ensures the fostering of individual growth in both academics and human development. We take a holistic approach to the development of the child. Our program is designed to contain diverse academic, artistic and co-curricular activities. We believe in creating positive learning experiences that allow adolescents to develop their unique interests and abilities at a variety of learning levels and in numerous ways. Our programs foster development of individual creativity, intellectual curiosity and independent thinking along with new evaluation system.

We recognize that our Students are not merely numbers but are unique in possessing varying abilities. We strive to recognize both excellence and improvement in the field of education and life skills. Our main aim is to provide Islamic literature along with modern education, thus Students becoming familiar with the concept of ‘Deen’ and ‘Duniya’.