A total number of 21 students appeared for the X class SSC board examination held during March 2020. Due to prevailing situation of COVID – 19 pandemic, the Government of Telangana, School Education Department has taken decision to pass all SSC students on internal assessments basis. So all X class students of our school has declared as passed. Class X results this year is 100%.17 secured 9.0 & above CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) 7 students secured 8.5 & above CGPA. Syeda Sanober Zeba scored with 9.8 CGPA and stood first in the school, Mohammed Haseeb secured 9.5 CGPA and stood second in the school.

The results of other classes from L.K.G to IX were also satisfactory with 100%. Regular Formative and Summative Assessment were conducted as a part of constant ongoing system of evaluation. Due to Covid – 19 pandemic and lockdown imposed by Govt.of India from 22nd March 2020 onwards, school Education Department has taken decision to promote all students for next classes.

In 2018-19, the pass percentage was 90%. In 2019-20, the pass percentage was 100%.